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Community Service 

Our dancers perform for local nursing homes and local adult day care facilities.

Our Faculty members held a Christmas Dance Party for our Friends At Bridgewell!

Master Class with Ava & Janette from "Dance Moms"!

Master Class with Ava.jpg


Students were able to perform at the Shoe City Lion "People of the Year" awards dinner in honor of LeAnne Leslie Kreamer.  The 2018 honoree was reconized for her continuous commitment to the Lynn Community.  

Members of our

2017-2018 Senior Company members travelled through Lynn, Malden, and Peabody at several local elementary schools performing a "Live Demonstration" of the book

"Gwendolyn the Graceful Pig" with author David Ira Rottenburg

Our Dancers performed live during the Halftime Show at the Orange Bowl on New Years Day 2013 
in Miami Florida! 

Twenty-Two of our Dance Company Members took advantage of this exciting opportunity that was offered to our dance studio. We traveled to Fort Lauderdale Florida and took part in a  Dance Convention and Master Class Tour.  We learned new choreographies and techniques taught by the "So You Think You Can Dance" cast members! 

We also learned our Halftime routine which was choreographed and instructed by the famous Chris Judd! This routine was nationally televised in front of over 75,000 fans and was performed along side Country Artist Jake Owen. Our five day stay was filled with dance, intense rehearsals, and so many educational opportunities! Hopefully you tuned in on New Years day to witness our exciting experience!

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