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LeAnne Leslie's Company & Teams

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LeAnne Leslie’s Dance Company 

LeAnne Leslie’s company dancers are selected based upon their technical and performance abilities, commitment, attendance and positive attitude. Through class evaluations a student will be asked to enter our intensive program.  Parent recommendations and number of years dancing will NOT be considered for a student’s acceptance into the company. 


LeAnne Leslie's Elite Dance Teams

Along with their core classes dancers chosen as part of our Elite teams are required to perform competitively in a group number and/or solo/duet and will have additional classes on Fridays.  Dancers who show true desire and passion will achieve success in every class.  This commitment is not for everyone, especially those who will be unable to commit due to other extracurricular activities. 


Please note that ALL company members will be revaluated every season and may switch levels if need be.



Senior Company - Our top company who will perform in numerous dances, productions and competitions

Junior Company - A company who is still developing their technique and performance qualities 

Company Apprentice - A pre-company in the making!

Mini Competition Teams - Our "littlest" dancers who are learning what it takes to shine on and off stage! 

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