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Dress Code 
Students are expected to be prepared before each class with the proper dress code.
In addition to the following dress code all dancers must have hair up and out of their face. No jewelry is allowed except for stud earrings (one in each ear). 
All students should carry a dance bag to transport your properties (Dance shoes, dancewear, notebook, pencil, and hair supplies).
Please write your name inside your Dance shoes and personal properties.


Attire – Barefoot. Black dance shorts, fitted camisole/leotard and tan stir-up or footless tights.


BALLET – All Thursday Classes

Girls - Pink Ballet (Bloch, split sole #258) 

Boys - Black (Bloch, split sole #258)

Attire – Solid black leotard, pink tights, no skirts, or sweaters. 

Hair must be up in a tight Ballet Bun with hair net!


Boys - Black tights or shorts, dance belt and solid white T-shirt. 


*Point Shoes-  Thursday 7:00 class will need Pointe shoes in addition to Ballet Slippers

All Pointe shoes fittings are by appointment only. 

Call to schedule your appointment early at On your Toes.



All Levels - Capezio Foot Undeez # H07 Nude or Danshuz ½ sole #6420 Tan
Attire – Black dance shorts, fitted camisole and Tan stir-up or footless tights. 


All Levels - Pastry Brand – “Pop Tart Grid”- Black (White Sole)

Attire – Jazz/hip-hop pants, sweatpants or shorts (solid color) and fitted shirt.

No Pajama bottoms!

KINDERDANCE - Intro to Ballet, Jazz & Tap Classes

Tuesday 3:30 class 

Wednesday 3:00 class

Saturday 9:00 & 10:00 classes

White Ballet (Bloch, full sole #205)
Tap - Caramel (SoDanca style #TA35/36)

Girls  – Leotard / Dancewear and tights of any color
Boy’s – Black shorts/dance pants with solid white t-shirt, and black Jazz & Tap shoes.



Monday 3:30 

Tuesday 3:30, 5:30, 6:30 

Wednesday 4:00

Saturday 9:45, 11:00 & 12:00 classes

Tan - U - Buckle Tap (Bloch, style #302)
Tan Split Sole Jazz Shoe Boot (Bloch #DN981or #495) 

Tuesday 4:30 Pre-Company 5:30 Junior Company

Wednesday 8:00

Tan Split Sole Jazz Shoe Boot (Bloch #DN981or #495) 

Black Split SoleTap (Bloch#388)

Girls– Leotard and tights of any color and/or black dance pants/shorts and fitted shirt.

Boy’s – Black shorts/dance pants with solid white t-shirt, black Jazz, & Tap shoes.

Tuesday 6:30 - Jazz Shoes (Bloch DN981/495) Caramel and Black (2pr).
Tap Shoes (2pr) - Black Split Sole #388 & Caramel Character Heel (SoDanca #TA55)


Attire – Leotard and tights of any color and/or black jazz pants or shorts and fitted shirt.

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