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Students will learn tricks and floor tumbling while enhancing acrobatic skills.  Arco will improve a dancers flexibility, balance, strength and coordination.

Taught by: Miss Keri


Our Ballet class consist of barre work, progressions and variations in both Classical and Contemporary Ballet techniques.  Pointe will only be offered by invitation only to the advanced Ballet student.

Taught by: Miss Lauren


Contemporary dance is a fusion of Lyrical Jazz, Contemporary, and Modern Jazz.  A strong Ballet background is a requirement.

Taught by: Miss Mary



Creative movement classes provide young children with an introduction to the magical world of dance. Children will explore movement through music, develop physical skills and spark their imagination!

Taught by: Miss Olivia


This style of dance is constantly evolving.  Hip-Hop is an expression of the urban culture.  Hip-Hop consists of isolated movements combined with street funk and jazz.

Taught by: Miss Lauren, Miss Olivia and Miss Jaiana


Our Jazz class consists of stretching, progressions, technique- drills, and center combinations in both Broadway and Modern Jazz styles.  Both Broadway Tap and Rhythmic Tap are taught here at the studio.  Tap dancing consist of learning rhythmic sounds and techniques that allow you to execute steps with or without music.

Taught by: Miss Keri, Miss Lauren, Miss Alyssa and Miss Olivia. Senior Companies: Miss LeAnne

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Intermediate Levels – All students are placed in a class by level and age.  This class is considered a combination class consisting of Ballet, Jazz, and Tap.  Children learn the basics in barre, technique exercises, and center combinations.

Taught by:  Miss Lauren, Miss Alyssa and Miss Olivia


Company students are selected by audition and/or invitation only.  Each student must be enrolled in a Ballet class.  Students are evaluated separately and are placed in a class that best suits their ability and level.  All company members are considered advanced and are expected to commit to all of their dance obligations first.  

Taught by Miss LeAnne, Miss, Keriann, Miss Lauren and Miss Mary

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