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We go to great lengths to keep you informed and up to date.  We send monthly newsletters via email that includes what you need to know during that month.  Please make sure you are on our email list.  In addition we also post information in our lobby and update social media (Facebook and Instagram) periodically.  Be sure to “like” us “and “follow” us!




Tuition is billed in three installments on the first of September, November and February. The first payment is due upon registration. Costume deposits are billed on the first of October and December.  We appreciate your prompt payments. A $20 late fee will be applied each month to any accounts that are 2 weeks overdue. We accept most major credit and debit cards (no Amex) through our online portal.  If you prefer to pay in cash or check, please do so prior to the 1st of the month! A $30 fee will be charged for any checks that are returned for insufficient funds. Tuition rates are for the whole season (September-May). Tuition payments are non-refundable after November 1, 2023. If you need to withdraw, please send us an email and we will stop payments for the following month.

Please note: Costumes will not be ordered if deposits are not paid in full.  There are no exceptions.  




Students are expected to be prepared before each class with the proper dress code. In addition to the following dress code all dancers must have hair up and out of their face. No jewelry is allowed except for stud earrings (one in each ear). All students should carry a dance bag to transport your properties (Dance shoes, dancewear, notebook, pencil, and hair supplies). Dance shoes are not allowed to be worn outside the studio. Please write your name inside your Dance shoes and personal properties.


Attendance is very important here at the Studio. Students must try to attend all of their scheduled classes.  Choreography is always progressing and holds all other classmates back when the instructor spends class time re-teaching last week’s lessons.  Please be considerate to fellow classmates.  Students who are too ill to participate, or have a conflict, please call or email the studio to explain your absence. 


We realize there are always exceptions, but one parent may accompany Kinderdance I & II level children. Because the waiting areas are small, we cannot allow the extra bodies. Waiting rooms will not be closed but we highly recommend dropping off and picking up your children. Bathrooms will be open for students, parents & staff only. 


All students are subject to change class level and time depending on their dance ability. Each student will be placed at her/his own level to learn and improve properly. All former students are subject to change class level and time depending on their personal growth. Level, Ability, Effort, Attendance, and Attitude will be taken into consideration for each and every student. 

Company & Ballet Students! Your level and class status may change. You will be notified (if needed) of your class/level change throughout the year at any time


In the event of inclement weather, you will be notified by email. One snow day is included in the tuition; all other cancellations will have a scheduled make-up. Our Facebook page will have all updated announcements and events. 

Please note: We do not always follow the Lynn Public School System. 


You are not exempt from these rules; as a matter of fact you have only four excused absences.  Remember to use these only when needed.  As the school year comes to the end there seems to be so many reasons why we need more time off so let’s use them wisely! Additional competition fees will be applied to your bill prior to competition. 

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